New product launch

Fushun Spicy Hot Sauce 350g

Fushun Spicy Hot Sauce 1kg

Fushun Spicy Hot Sauce 4.5kg

Fushun Spicy Hot Sauce 9kg

Fushun Spicy Hot Sauce 25kg

● Product introduction

Product features:

1) product form: bright red oil, mellow sauce body, strong and fresh aroma;2) product efficacy: it can help dishes to be colored, fragrant and fresh. It is suitable for stir-frying, cooking, boiling and other dishes. The dishes produced have moderate spiciness and strong aroma.And is the best choice for frying hotpot base material, marinade barbecue.(add Sichuan pepper and spicys,increase pepper flavor )

Storage:Keep in a cool dry place,avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.Keep refrigerated after opening.

● Shelf life

18 months

● Allergen