• Introduction

    Sichuan Yuanda Group Fushun County Melody Food Co., Ltd. is a condiment production and manufacturing service enterprise. After more than 30 years of development, Merlot Foods has become a company that promotes the harmonious development of society and enjoys a good reputation in the industry. Become the leading brand of Chinese spicy sauce.

    Global distribution is in hot recruitment.

  • Idea

    Resource sharing, cooperation and win-win

  • Strong support system

    Automatically intelligent production capacity


    100-mu production base, fully automatic production and packaging line, with an annual output of 100,000 tons


    Broad brand awareness


    China's well-known trademarks, dealers all over the country, the total number of omnichannel members exceeds 10 million, 200 million people preferred


    Strong independent research and development capabilities


    The industry's leading product development and R&D capabilities, leading the trend of consumption and use of hot sauce


    Stable and efficient supply chain assurance


    Systematic, informative, and intelligent full-process smart supply chain

    Guarantee the best product quality and supply efficiency


    Excellent and sincere distribution policy support


    Distribution policies, systems, and efforts are sincere and supportive


    Complete the billing system


    The store operation is real-time and easy to master



    Join conditions
  • Funds

    Depending on the city area

  • Store

    A warehouse with an area of ​​over 200 square meters

  • Risk awareness

    Operational forecasting, anti-risk ability

  • Partnership

    Having passion, goodwill, and dreams

  • Familiar with the industry

    Available distribution products to learn about the industry

  • Identity Management

    Understand business

  • Join cooperation process

    Basic Information


    Investment Ability

    willing to join

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