“Adhere to the original intention to ensure quality and safety” -- grand domino‘s food solemnly promises to you!

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       On December 25, 2019, sichuan provincial market supervision administration held the activity of "public commitment of enterprises to improve the quality and safety of condiments" in chengdu. Wan penglong, secretary of the party leadership group and director of sichuan provincial market supervision administration presided over the activity and made requirements on the quality and safety of condiments.

Enterprise open commitment activity conference site

       This public commitment activity, the provincial market supervision bureau recommended the arrangement of "far domino’s food", sichuan province, the representative of the eight leading condiment enterprises, at the site of the activity to strictly implement the main responsibility, ensure product quality and safety, accept social supervision public solemn commitment.

Ms. Wang mingcong, general manager of far domino’s foods, made a commitment speech at the conference

       All the time, "far domino’s food" attaches great importance to the quality and safety work, in strict accordance with the laws, regulations and standards related to food safety, the organization of food production and marketing activities. Through the implementation of ISO90001 quality management, ISO22000 food safety management, HACCP hazard analysis and critical control points and other quality safety assurance system, improve the quality safety management; Continue to improve the level of standardization, automation production, strengthen production process control, to ensure the stability of product quality; Through increasing the investment in testing, improving the testing ability, and strengthening the quality risk control; Constantly strengthen the technical force, improve the professional level of personnel, and cooperate with sichuan university of light chemical technology, chengdu university and other universities, make use of the university’s cutting-edge technological resources and professional ability, based on product quality and safety, carry out new product research and development and product upgrade work, and maintain sustainable development ability.

Wan penglong, secretary of the party leadership group and director of the sichuan market supervision administration, made an important speech

       "Far" domino’s food will keep in mind that xi "four of the most severe" put forward by the general secretary, to implement the food safety responsibility, strengthen the implementation of the food quality and safety management work, continue to provide quality, safe, healthy products, let consumers enjoy delicacy of feeling good and happy life, to make greater contribution to the quality and safety of condiment industry in sichuan!