Sichuan Yuanda Group Fushun County Meile Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984. In 1997, Yuanda Group successfully merged the former state-run Fushun County Meile Foods. Factory, re-established its subsidiary company--Sichuan Yuanda Group Fushun County Meile Food Co., Ltd.

       The company is a deep processing enterprise of agricultural and sideline products that mainly produces agricultural products such as pepper and pepper, and specializes in producing a series of compound seasonings mainly based on spicy sauce. Focus on encouraging industries; the company is the formulation unit of "Fushun Douhua Lishui", "Fushun Spicy Sauce" local standard, the governing unit of China Condiment Association, the deputy director of the Chinese Condiment Association Sauce Professional Committee, and the Sichuan Condiment Vice The president unit, the president of the Fushun County Spicy Condiment Professional Association, the company's self-established technology center was identified as the Sichuan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, and its subsidiary "Fushun County Flavor Food Research Institute" is the research and development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Zigong City. After more than 30 years of development, the company has been recognized as one of the top ten pepper processing enterprises in the country, the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Sichuan Province, the demonstration enterprise of Sichuan Xinghuo Technology, the top five condiment enterprises in Sichuan Province, and the demonstration enterprise of agricultural products processing in Sichuan Province. Sichuan, the first batch of tourism products designated production enterprises, Sichuan Province integrity and law-abiding demonstration enterprises, with years 100,000 tons fragrant sauce products and production capacity.

       The company has a registered capital of 50 million yuan and employs 330 people, including 80 with professional technical titles. Product production has achieved full coverage of QS certification, and has won the "National Ministry of Agriculture, Sichuan Province Quality Product Award", "National Spark Science and Technology Achievements Exhibition Trade Fair Gold Award", "2010 China International Condiment and Food Ingredients Gold Award Product", " The Flavored Product Awards are more than forty awards. The company's product Fushun Spicy Sauce was approved as "National Geographical Indication Product" in 2010. In 2016, Fushun Spicy Sauce represented by Merlot's spicy sauce was listed on the "China Regional Brand Value Evaluation List" with a brand value of 6.231 billion yuan. Merlot spicy sauce and spicy dishes were rated as "Sichuan Famous Brand Products", and spicy sauce, spicy sauce and beancurd water were awarded green food certification. The company has 28 registered trademarks (including 1 well-known trademark in China, 2 famous trademarks in Sichuan Province, 2 well-known trademarks in Zigong City), 18 patents (including 11 utility model patents, appearance patents), and 7 copyrights. , is now creating a Chinese well-known trademark; passed the ISO9001 international quality management system, ISO22000 food safety management system, HACCP certification, intellectual property management system certification and the US FDA registration, obtained the state-approved self-support import and export rights, obtained The export food inspection and quarantine health registration certificate.

       Company network is sound, the products sell well all over the country and exported to the United States, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, the network marketing operation platform in the original On the basis of micro store, Tmall, Jingdong, Suning Tesco, Tianhu Yunshang, and E-mail, the company has newly entered the No. 1 store, Alibaba domestic wholesale platform 1688, Alibaba International Station and other platforms to further expand online sales. Channels, enterprises have sufficient funds, and sales have increased at a rate of more than 20% year after year, with strong development potential.


In 2018,

The company won the quality award of fushun county government, 2018 leading enterprise of Chinese seasoning industry, sichuan top ten famous and special agricultural products brand, and built sichuan

In 2018,

The company won the quality award of fushun county government, 2018 leading enterprise of Chinese seasoning industry, sichuan top ten famous and special agricultural products brand, and built sichuan

In 2017,

“2017 excellent brand enterprise of Chinese seasoning industry”, “2017 top ten brands of Chinese seasoning and seasoning industry”, “zigong government quality award”

In 2016,

The annual production base of merlot has been built and put into production. Fushun hot sauce, represented by merlot hot sauce, has been listed on the Chinese brand value evaluation list with a brand

In 2015,

Fushun hot sauce, represented by merlot hot sauce, is one of the top ten chilli processing enterprises in China with a brand value of 5.2 billion yuan.

In 2014,

“Top ten sichuan specialty brands most favored by consumers”

In 2013,

“Meile” trademark was awarded as China‘s well-known trademark

In 2012,

Meile has been recognized as a demonstration enterprise of agricultural products processing in sichuan province.

In 2011,

Meile company was awarded as the demonstration unit of rest assured products in sichuan province.Meile was awarded the leading enterprise of agricultural production and chemical operation in sichuan p

In 2010,

Meile has been named the most powerful growth enterprise in the condiment industry in China.

In 2008,

Sichuan flavor “five strong” brand products.

Since 2005,

Meile hot sauce won the title of “sichuan famous brand product”.

In 1997,

Yuanda group successfully acquired the former state-owned fushun meile food factory and reestablished its subsidiary -- sichuan fushun meile food co., LTD.

Since 1992,

“Meile” has been awarded the title of “famous trademark of sichuan province”.

In 1988,

Merlot hot sauce production technology won the gold award certificate of national spark plan achievement exhibition.



In 1987,

Merlot hot sauce won the ministry of agriculture quality product award.

In 1984,

The establishment of merlot company initiated the industrial production of spicy sauce.